449 Famous Males With Foreskins: Uncircumcised and Proud

drawing da vinci

As a practicing urologist, I frequently encounter a subject that tends to provoke strong reactions: circumcision. This surgical procedure, which entails the removal of the foreskin from the penis, is widely practiced in numerous cultures and religions.

Yet, it’s not a universal norm. Indeed, several of the world’s most illustrious men have opted against this procedure, and their decisions have ignited intriguing debates about the necessity and advantages of circumcision.

In this exploration, we will delve into the stories of famous men who have opted to remain uncircumcised, scrutinizing the health, cultural, and personal impacts of their decisions. Our journey will span different periods and cultures, shedding light on the varied perspectives concerning circumcision and the male foreskin.

This exploration is open to everyone, whether you are a medical professional, a history enthusiast, or just someone curious about this subject. I extend an invitation to you to accompany me on this enlightening expedition.

Most Famous Uncircumcised Males

Leonardo Da Vinci

leonardo da vinci

Renaissance Man

Leonardo da Vinci, the quintessential Renaissance man, was known for his contributions to art, science, and technology. However, few people know that he was also uncircumcised. This fact is deduced from his anatomical drawings, which show a detailed understanding of the foreskin’s structure.

His drawings of the male anatomy, including the penis, are remarkably accurate. He was one of the first to depict the foreskin in scientific illustrations, suggesting a deep understanding of the foreskin’s function and structure.

Medical Perspective

From a urological perspective, da Vinci’s drawings provide valuable insights into the understanding of male anatomy during the Renaissance. They also highlight the foreskin’s natural function, which is often overlooked in discussions about circumcision.

While the absence of circumcision can potentially lead to issues such as phimosis, it’s important to note that the foreskin serves a protective function for the glans or the head of the penis.

It helps maintain its moisture and sensitivity.┬áIt also plays a role in sexual activity, providing natural lubrication and movement. Da Vinci’s drawings remind us of these functions, which are lost with circumcision.

Cultural Implication

Da Vinci’s uncircumcised status reflects the norms of his time and place. In Renaissance Italy, circumcision was not a common practice, except among the Jewish population.

This cultural context influenced da Vinci’s understanding and depiction of the male anatomy. His work reflects the cultural norms of his time and challenges modern perceptions about the ‘normal’ or ‘default’ state of the male penis. His drawings remind us that cultural and historical context plays a significant role in our understanding of the body.

John F. Kennedy

jf kennedy

Charismatic Leader

John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, is another famous male known to be uncircumcised. This fact came to light through medical records and personal accounts, adding another layer to the public image of this charismatic leader.

Kennedy’s uncircumcised status was unusual for his time and place. Most American males born in the early 20th century were circumcised, so his status challenges the stereotype of the circumcised American male.

Medical Perspective

Kennedy’s uncircumcised status provides an opportunity to discuss the changing trends in circumcision in the United States. While circumcision rates were high in the mid-20th century, they have been declining in recent years.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks. However, they also note that the benefits are not great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision. Kennedy’s case reminds us that personal choice and cultural context play a significant role in the decision to circumcise.

Cultural Implication

Kennedy’s uncircumcised status challenges the stereotype of the circumcised American male. It reminds us that personal choice and cultural context are important factors in the decision to circumcise.

His case highlights the diversity of experiences and choices within American society. It also contributes to the ongoing conversation about the necessity and benefits of circumcision. His status as a beloved and influential leader challenges the stigma often associated with being uncircumcised in America.

Pablo Picasso

pablo picasso

Revolutionary Artist

Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, was also uncircumcised. This fact is known through personal accounts and biographical sources, adding a personal dimension to our understanding of this revolutionary artist.

Picasso’s uncircumcised status reflects his Spanish heritage. In Spain, circumcision is not a common practice, except among the Jewish and Muslim populations. His status adds a personal dimension to his art, which often explores themes of identity and the body.

Medical Perspective

Picasso’s uncircumcised status provides an opportunity to discuss the cultural variations in circumcision practices. While circumcision is common in some cultures, it is not universally accepted or practiced.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 30% of males worldwide are circumcised. This figure varies widely by region, with rates highest in the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States. Picasso’s case reminds us of the diversity of practices and beliefs about circumcision worldwide.

Cultural Implication

Picasso’s uncircumcised status reflects his cultural heritage and personal identity. It also contributes to our understanding of his art, which often explores themes of identity, the body, and cultural norms.

His status adds a personal dimension to his art, which often explores themes of identity and the body. It also challenges the stereotype of the circumcised male, reminding us of the diversity of experiences and choices worldwide. His case contributes to the ongoing conversation about the necessity and benefits of circumcision.


Presented below is an all-inclusive compilation of renowned public figures who, alike, have not undergone circumcision.

Hank Aaron, Atlanta Braves
Nick Adams, Actor in “The Rebel”
Cliff Aduddell, Actor
Anders Agenso, Danish Actor
Spiro Agnew, Former Vice President USA
Prince Albert, (Monaco)
Alan Alda, Actor “Mash”
Fernando Allende, Actor “Flamingo Road”
Alou, Fellpe, Jesus and Matty, Baseball
Jacques d’Ambroise, N.Y. Ballet
Morten Anderson, N.O. Saints
Benny Anderson, ABBA Rock Group
Keith Andes, Actor
Mario Andretti, Auto Racer
Paul Anka, Singer
Michael Ansara, Actor
Adam Ant, English Singer
Steve Anthony, Toronto TV Host
Serge Aredikian, French Actor
Desi Arnez (JR & SR), Actor/Singer
James Arness, Actor “Gunsmoke”
Eddie Arnold, Singer
Richard Attenborough, Actor
Jean-Hughes Azglade, French Actor
Max Baer, Sr., Boxer
Lajos Balazsovis, Hungarian Actor
Mikhail Baryshnikov, Ballet
Alex Bauman, Canadian Swimmer
Orson Bean, Actor
Boris Becker, German Tennis
Jean-Paul Belmondo, French Actor
Helmut Berger, Actor
Peter Berlin, a Porno film Actor
Ken Berry, Actor in “Mamma’s Family”
Gary Bettenhausen, Auto Racer
Peter Bjerg, Danish Actor
Michel Blanc, a French Actor
Dan Blocker, Actor “Bonanza”
Vida Blue, Baseball
Sonny Bono, Singer
Bjorn Borg, Tennis
Mike Bossy, NY Islanders
David Bowie, Singer/Actor
Marlon Brando, Actor
Zeke Bratkowski, Football
Peter Bravos, Actor
Rossano Brazzi, Actor
Pierce Brosnan, Actor “Remington Steele”
Yul Brynner, Actor “King & I”
Horst Bucholz, Actor
Richard Burton, Actor
Peter Byerg
Ed Byrnes, Actor
Andreas Cahling, Bodybuilder
Michael Caine, Actor “California Suite”
Roger Callard, Bodybuilder
Macho Camacho, Boxer
Glen Campbell, Singer
Greg Campbell, Canadian Actor
Truman Capote, Writer
Len Carilou, Actor
Kenneth Carr, Singer/Dancer
Johnny Carson, TV Host
Johnny Cash, Singer
Max Caulfield, Actor
Gino Cavallini, St. Louis Hockey
George Chakiris, Dancer/Actor
Gower Champion, Dancer/Choreographer
Charlie Chaplin, Silent Actor
Graham Chapman, English Actor
Ian Charleson, Actor in “Chariots of Fire”
Nicholas Clay, English Actor
Montgomery Cliff, Actor
Charles Coburn, Actor
Michael Cole, Actor in “Mod Squad”
Sean Connery, Actor
Chuck Connors, Actor
William Conrad, Actor
Frank Converse, Actor
Jackie Cooper, Actor/Director
Francis Ford Cappola, Director
Franco Corelli, Opera Singer
Anthony Corian, English Actor
Don Correla, Dancer
Bill Cosby, Actor
Tom Courtenay, Actor in “The Dresser”
Buster Crabbe, Olympic Swimmer
Bob Crane, Actor in “Hogan’s Heroes”
Johnny Crawford, Actor “Rifleman”
Walter Cronkite, Newscaster
Bing Crosby, Actor/Singer
Dennis Crosby, Actor
Gary Crosby, Actor
Lindsay Crosby, Actor
Phil Crosby, Actor
Jeff Crowe, N.Z. Cricket Captain
Lyndon Crowe, Football
Brandon Cruz, Actor
Robert Culp, Actor
Marce Cuningham, Ballet
John Curry, English Skating Star
Larry Czonka, Former Miami Dolphins
William Dafoe, Actor
Roger Daltry, Actor
Phil Daniels, Actor
Tony Danza, Actor
Anthony Davis, Football
Chip Davis, Pop Composer
Brian Deacon, Actor
Eric Deacon, Actor
John Dean III, Nixon staff (Watergate)
Derek DeLint, Actor
Alain Delon, French Actor
Jack Dempsey, Heavyweight Champ
John Denver, Singer
Gerard Depardieu, French Actor
Christopher Dibbs, Australian Actor
Chris Dickerson, Mr. Olympia
Larry Dickson, Auto Racer
Don & Joe DiMaggio, Baseball
Marcel Dionne, Hockey
Placido Domingo, Singer
Donovan, Rock Star
Casey Donovan, *Porno Star
Ron Dugway, Detroit Red Wings
Hugh Downs, 20/20
Robert Draffin, Australian Actor
Jay Dun, Actor
Buddy Ebsen, Actor
Stephen Edburg, Tennis
Duane Eddy, Singer
Vince Edwards, Actor
Andres Eglevsky, Ballet
Carl Eller, Football
Akira Endo, Conductor
John Ericson, Actor
Erik Estrada, Actor “CHIPS”
Jeffrey Etting, Actor
Al Evans, Actor
Don & Phil Everly, Singers
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Actor
Rainer W. Fassbinder, Director
Lou Ferrigno, Actor “Incredible Hulk”
Albert Finney, Actor
George Firth, Actor
Peter Firth, Actor
Bobby Fischer, Chess
Carlton Fisk, Chicago White Sox
Zac Foley, Bass Player, EMF
George Forbes, Cleveland Council
Terry Forster, Baseball
Tony Franciosa, Actor
Sergio Franchi, Singer
Richard Fulton, Mayor of Nashville
Egon von Furstenberg, Fashion
Clark Gable, Actor
Patrick Gale, British Gay Novelist
Jack Gansert, Ballet
Joe Gargaglola, Sportscaster
John Gavin, Ambassador to Mexico
Ben Gazzara, Actor
Bob Geldorf, Actor
Boy George, Singer
Christopher George, Actor
Vitas Gerualitis, Tennis
Frank Gifford, Sportscaster
Tony Glavin, St. Louis Soccer
Paul Goddard, Australian Actor
Alexander Godunov, Ballet
Jason Goodall, U.K. Tennis
Marjoe Gortner, Actor
Robert Goulet, Singer
Marcus Graham, Australian Actor
Stewart Granger, Actor
Peter Graves, Actor
Rupert Graves, Actor
Spalding Gray, Actor
Michael Greer, Actor
Rosey Grier, Football
Andy Griffith, Actor
Emile Griffith, Boxing Champ
Dan Haggerty, Actor
John Hamill, English Actor
Richard Harris, Actor
George Harrison, Beatles
Rutger Hauer, Actor “Blade Runner”
Gaylord Hauser, Nutritionist
Richie Havens, Singer
Anders Hedberg, N.Y. Hockey
Hugh Hefner, Playboy Publisher
Jimi Hendrix, Singer
Mike Henneman, Pitcher: Detroit Tigers
Keith Hernandez, Baseball
Charlton Heston, Actor
Benny Hill, English Actor
John Hinson, US. Rep. Mississippi
David Hockney, Pop Artist
Paul Hogan, Actor “Crocodile Dundee”
Bill Holden, Actor
Earl Holliman, Actor
John Holmes, Porno Star
Anthony Hopkins, Actor
Clint Howard, Actor
Ron Howard, Actor in “Happy Days”
Geoff Howarth, N.Z. Cricket Captain
Rock Hudson, Actor
William Hurt, Actor “Broadcast News”
John Huston, Actor
Billy Idol, Singer
Julio Iglesias, Singer
Slobo Illjevski, St. Louis Soccer
Jeremy Irons, English Actor
Zeljko Ivanck, Actor
Gordon Jackson, Actor
Jesse Jackson, Politician
David Janssen, Actor
Elton John, Singer
Gordon Johncock, Auto Racer
Don Johnson, Actor
Kelly Johnson, N.Y. Actor
Magic Johnson, LA Lakers
Christopher Jones, Actor
George Jones, Singer
James Earl Jones, Actor
Tom Jones, Actor
Louis Jourdan, French Actor
Kert Kaztner, Actor
Gordon Kaye, English Actor
Gene Kelly, Actor
Ted Kennedy Jr., Politician
Jack Kerourac, Writer
Jean Claude Killy, French Skier
Martin Luther King, Black Leader
Perry King, Actor
Petr Klima, Detroit Red Wings
Mark Kostagi, Actor
Jeroen Krabbi, Dutch Actor
Jarl Kurri, NHL Oilers
Alan Ladd, Sr, Actor
Guy LaFleur, Hockey
Jack LaLanne, Fitness
Fernando Lamas, Actor
Blain Lamoreaux, Canadian Football
Burt Lancaster, Actor
Bill Landrum, NY Dancer
Sonny Langham, Actor
Redmond Lane, Soccer
Mario Lanza, Opera
Julius LaRosa, Singer
Sir Paul Latham, English Barronett
Bruno Lawrence, N.Z. Actor
Jocelyn Lemieux, St. Louis Hockey
Ivan Lendi, Czech Tennis Star
John Lennon, Beatles
Sean Lennon, John’s Son
Mark Lester, English Child Actor
Daniel Lewis, Conductor
Jerry Lee Lewis, Rock Star
Liberace, Pianist
Bob Lilly, Football
Bob Lindskog, San Diego Hockey
Joe Louis, Boxing
Tony Lo Bianco, Actor
Alen Ludden, TV Host
Ray Lynch, Actor
James MacArthur, Actor
Duncan Macewon, St. Louis Soccer
Ewan MacGregor, Actor
Freeman MacNeil, New York Jets
George Maharis, Actor
Christopher Malavoy, French Actor
Nick Mancusco, Actor
Hugo Manson, N.Z. TV
Diego Maradona, Argentina Soccer
Ed Marinaro, Actor “Hill St Blues”
Monte Markham, Actor
Dean Martin, Sr, Actor/Singer
Peter Martins, Ballet
Lee Marvin, Actor
William Mather, Australian Actor
Johnny Mathis, Singer
Victor Mature, Actor
Armistead Maupin, Actor [? Author]
John Mayall, Musician
Mike Mazursky, Wrestler
Paul McCartney, *Beatles
Roger McCluskey, Auto Racing
Roddy McDowall, Actor
Malcom McDowell, Actor
Greg McGee, N.Z. Playwright
Kerry McKay, Australian Actor
Ian McKellan, Actor
Rod McKuen, Poet
Ed McMahon, TV Host
Vaughn Meader, Comedian
Zubin Mehta, Conductor
John Meredith, Former Dallas Cowboys
Vittorio Mezzoglorno, Italian Actor
Kim Milford, Actor
Henry Miller, Author
Martin Milner, Actor
Sal Mineo, Actor
Michael Minor, Art Director
Ricardo Montalban, Actor “Star Trek II”
Keith Moon, The Who
Dudley Moore, Actor “Arthur”
Jaimie Moreno, Mexican Actor
Greg Morris, Actor
Jim Morris, Bodybuilder
Audie Murphy, Actor/War Hero
Eddie Murphy, Actor “Beverly Hills Cop”
Ilie Nastase, Tennis
Ramon Navarro, Actor “Ben Hur”
Christopher Neame, British TV Star
Vaclov Nedomansky, Hockey
Ken Nelson, Actor in “Boys in the Band”
Bob Newhart, Actor/Comedian
Bob Neyland, Athletic Director/Univ. Tenn.
Nijinsky, Ballet Great
Ulf Nilsson, NY Rangers hockey
John Noakes, English TV Host
Nick Nolte, Actor
Peter Noone, Actor “Herman’s Hermits”
Wayne Northrop, Actor
Rudolf Nureyev, Ballet
Hugh O’Brian, Actor “Wyatt Earp”
Peter O’Toole, Actor
Tony Orlando, Singer
Bob Packwood, Senator of Oregon
Jack Palance, Actor
Al Parker, Porn Star (Reconstr)
Dennis Parker, Actor
Jack Parr, TV Host
Tony Pearson, Bodybuilder
Pele, NY Cosmos Soccer
Meeno Peluce, Dutch Child Star
Joe Pepitone, Former NY Yankees
Rodimes Pera, Actor “Kung Fu”
Njego Pesa, St. Louis Soccer
Richard Petty, Auto Racer
Kenneth Phillips, Actor
Michel Piccoli, a French Actor
Federico Pitzalis, Italian Actor
Jim Plunkett, Football
Deni Ponty, Gay Visual Artist
Denis Potvin, NY Hockey
Elvis Presley, Singer
Robert Preston, Actor
Vincent Price, Actor
Charles Pride, Country Singer
Andrew Prine, *Actor
Aidian Quinn, *Actor
Anthony Quinn, Actor
Raymond Radiguest, Novelist
Jerome Ragni, Actor “Hair”
Aldo Ray, Actor
Johnnie Ray, Singer
Ronald Reagan, Ex-US President
Jerry Reed, Actor/Country Singer
Oliver Reed, Actor
Richard Reed, Ballet
Steve Reeves, Mr. Universe
Lance Rentzel, Football
Burt Reynolds, * Actor
Cliff Richard, English Pop Singer
Little Richard, Rock Star
Keith Richards, Rolling Stones
Phil Rizzuto, NY Yankees
Cliff Robertson, Actor
Dominique Rocheteau, French football
Monti Rock III, Singer
Morien Rolhaeuser, Green Bay former
Mickey Rooney, Actor
Carl Rose, St. Louis Soccer
Leonard Rossiter, English TV
Paul Rudd, Actor
Guenther Sachs, Bardot’s Husband
Paul Sand, Actor
Ray Sawyer, Rock Group “Dr. Hook”
John Saxon, Actor “Falcon Crest”
Maximillian Schell, Actor
Arnold Schwarzenegger, *Actor
Simon Scuddamore, Actor
Chuck Seelback, Baseball
David Selby, Actor “Falcon Crest”
Tom Selleck, Actor
Stan Shaw, Actor “Roots”
Reid Shelton, Actor
Philip Sherry, N.Z. TV
Frank Sinatra, Singer
Dick Smothers, Entertainer
Tommy Smothers, Entertainer
Tom Snyder, TV Host
Terence Stamp, Actor
Piotr Stanislas, French Actor
Ross Stephens, N.Z. TV
Sting, Singer
Todd Stottlemyre, Toronto Blue Jays
Donald Sutherland, Actor
Jim Swink, Football TCU
Mr. T, Actor
Tony Tanner, British Actor
Miles Taylor, British Actor
Robert Taylor, Actor
Rod Taylor, Actor
Steve Tesich, Wrote “Breaking Away”
Fabio Testi, Ital. Actor
Alan Trammel, Detroit Tigers
Dan Travanti, Actor
Alex Trebek, TV Personality
Justin Trudeau, Son of Can. Prime Min.
Harry Truman, US President
John Turner, Former Canada PM
Bjorn Ulvaeus, ABBA (Rock Group)
Al Unser, Auto Racer
Bobby Unser, Auto Racer
Rudolph Valentino, Actor
Fernando Valenzuela, Dodgers
Raf Vallone, Actor
Dick Van Dyke, Actor
Alex Van Halen, Musician
Eddie Van Halen, Musician
Brahm Van Zetten, Actor “The Bible”
Robert Vaughn, Actor
Sid Vicious, Actor “Sex Pistols”
Guillermo Vilas, Tennis
Bobby Vinton, Singer
Giff Vivian, N.Z. Cricketeer
Nikolas Vogel, German Actor
Mendel Vysohlid, NHL Phil Flyers
Lyle Waggoner, Actor
Charlie Wagner, Boston Red Sox
Christopher Walker, Australian Actor
Herschel Walker, Football
Roger Ward, Australian Actor
Richard Warwick, Brit. Actor
John Waters, Australian Actor
Dennis Weaver, Actor “Gunsmoke”
Johnny Weismuller, Actor “Tarzan”
Lou Whitaker, Detroit Tigers
Mats Willander, Tennis
Prince William, England
Andy Williams, Singer
Ted Williams, Baseball Red Sox
Flip Wilson, Comedian
Pete Wilson, Senator Calif.
Carl Yarborough, Auto Racer
Steve Yeager, LA Dodgers
Michael York, Actor “Knots Landing”
Igor Youskevitch, Ballet
Yuki, Jap. Fashion Designer
Frank Zappa

Final Words

The stories of these famous males with foreskins provide valuable insights into the medical, cultural, and personal aspects of circumcision. They remind us that the decision to circumcise is not merely a medical one, but also involves personal choice, cultural context, and historical norms.

As a urologist, I believe it’s important to consider all these factors when discussing circumcision with patients. After all, every man’s story is unique, just like those of da Vinci, Kennedy, and Picasso.